AirAsia uses Amity Social Cloud to digitize their work and create an all-in-one employee experience

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AirAsia is a leading Asian low-cost airline operating domestic and international flights to more than 165 destinations spanning 25 countries. It has consistently been named the world’s best low-cost carrier for 10 years in a row in international travel and airline awards, and is home to more than 24,000 employees.

Working towards an all-in-one platform

Over the past few years, technology has played a huge role in transforming the airline industry. Although these innovations might be useful, AirAsia was using 200+ different types of software for their daily operations, making it hard to switch between them. Plus, since the company has many employees across the globe, it was difficult to unify all the data coming in from so many different sources. Therefore the ultimate solution would make sure that the company could improve their internal communication and keep employees engaged.

<cs-quote>“One of the attractions to me was that there was a company that put mobile first, as opposed to a desktop, and it was visionary and certainly the right vision.”<cs-quote>

<text-size-regular>–Tony Fernandes, AirAsia CEO<text-size-regular>

Keeping employees in the loop

AirAsia quickly saw this challenge as an opportunity and decided to partner with Amity by integrating Amity Solutions Amity Social Cloud.

With such a large and dispersed workforce, it was difficult to make announcements to everyone in a transparent and instantaneous way. With the Broadcast Messaging feature, management could easily make company-wide announcements, share significant milestones and get clear read receipts. Employees of all levels also received a push notification anytime such announcements were made, thereby keeping them in the loop of significant company updates. Broadcast announcements solved the company’s problem of cultivating an informed workforce where everyone was on the same page and performing based on a mutual understanding. 

<cs-quote>“It is critical for us to have this kind of platform because going forward, as we get more complex, digitized, agile, and transformative, we need to have the ability to communicate and collaborate and it is incredibly beneficial to have a company like Amity to help us accomplish all of this.”<cs-quote>

<text-size-regular>–Tony Fernandes, AirAsia CEO<text-size-regular>

Creating a culture of efficient communication and recognition

To really improve efficiency through communication, AirAsia implemented 1-1 and Group Chats so that employees could reach out to each other and managers could keep track of important deadlines, tasks, and etc. This specific integration made it possible for teams to work more efficiently with each other without the delay of having to wait for a specific response from a different worker. 

Because the company also wanted to strengthen their workplace culture to encourage more recognition and rewards for a job well done, the Thumbs Up feature was implemented. With this, AirAsia was able to create customized stickers with encouraging phrases for employees who achieved something significant in their role. This internal rewards system was also built to allow employees to exchange the points from each Thumbs Up they received into real, tangible rewards. By using these incentives and rewards, workers were able to feel more accomplished with their work and more engaged with the company as a whole. 

Accessing the platform, anytime, anywhere

Using Amity Social Cloud, AirAsia created community Groups with relevant topics by utilizing one centralized modern and social intranet. Employees could use their smartphones to directly access communities with information ranging from HR functions to operational tools through the press of a button, all without having to leave to another platform. With this shift, users could feel more supported by knowing that these Groups could be easily accessible and that they gave the opportunity for workers to reach out to each other with any doubts or concerns. Most importantly, as a result, there was a significant increase in employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Transforming the airline industry, one implementation at a time

Having just started growing their digital capabilities, AirAsia is looking towards the future to transform the airline industry and help their employees feel more connected to their work. Other social features provided by Amity such as Bots, Videos, and Feeds will act as the main driving force behind employees’ well-being and their ability to deliver the quality of services that is aligned with AirAsia’s customer strategy. The future is social and Amity is looking forward to providing companies such as AirAsia with all the resources so that employees can feel encouraged to deliver their best work and become active brand supporters! 

<cs-quote>“We are a company from many different nationalities and countries, we all have very different backgrounds, but Amity has made us into one race which I call one AirAsia.”<cs-quote>

<text-size-regular>–Tony Fernandes, AirAsia CEO<text-size-regular>