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We are on a mission to build the future through our innovative solutions, which include Enterprise Chatbot systems, AI-based generative Chatbots, pre-built social features for apps and websites, and building blocks for engaging employee experiences.

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Amity AI Platform

Launch your own GPT Powered AI Assistants

Revolutionize your enterprise with AI Assistants powered by GPT. Our no-code virtual assistants offer lightning-fast response times, increased efficiency, and 24/7 coverage. What are you waiting for? Launch your own assistants in minutes with our powerful Amity Solution AI platform.


Experience the power of ChatGPT with Amity Bots Plus

Empower your business with the ultimate conversational AI. Amity Bots Plus is a GPT-based generative chatbot module and the perfect solution for automating your customer support.

Amity Bots Plus
Custom ChatGPT chatbot

Unlock the power of AI with a Scalable Enterprise Chatbot Solution

With Amity Bots, you can give your customers an unbeatable 1st class experience 24/7. Our bots will allow you to quickly respond on online and social media channels with ease.

Amity Bots
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Social elements of Amity Social Cloud

Easily add pre-built social features to your app or website

The complete suite of pre-built features to enable in-app social experiences and fuel user engagement. Easily add all the most loved social features to your app or website, à la carte.

Amity Social Cloud

The building blocks of your digital employee experience

Deliver your employee experience vision with ease and speed. AmityEko’s modules empower you to create amazing employee experiences, tailored to the needs of your organization.

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Discover how leading brands are leveraging Amity Solutions to build personalized brand experiences, drive engagement, automate customer support and marketing campaigns.

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