Illustration of person working with laptop alongside AI assistant, clock, and checklist.
Boonyawee Sirimaya
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July 8, 2024

35% of Thais Embrace AI to Transform Life & Work

Currently, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly growing in Thai society. Recent research shows that more than 35% of Thais are likely to use AI in both personal life and work. This means AI is becoming an important part of our lives, whether it's ordering food, managing health, or even working at the office.

AI in Daily Life

Street Food: For street food lovers, AI can recommend popular dishes and accurately calculate calorie content. It can also help vendors manage ingredients and reduce stock shortages.

Cooking at Home: For homemakers or cooking enthusiasts, AI can suggest recipes based on available ingredients in the refrigerator and notify when ingredients are nearing expiration, making cooking easier and time-saving.

Entertainment: AI can create virtual companions with desired personalities for chatting, gaming, or creating social media content. It can also recommend movies, music, or TV shows based on user interests.

Illustration of a woman using AI-powered media and audio tools
AI enhancing entertainment and media consumption

Health: AI plays a crucial role in health care, such as designing personalized exercise programs and providing tailored dietary advice, making health management easy and efficient.

Education: AI can assist in learning, such as online tutoring systems that adapt teaching content to individual student needs and abilities, making learning more effective and enjoyable.

Travel: AI helps with travel planning and traffic management, such as navigation apps that suggest the fastest routes and alert about traffic jams or accidents. It can also help optimize public transport schedules.

Shopping: AI assists in selecting products and services that match consumer needs, such as recommendation systems that analyze shopping behavior and suggest likely preferred items. It also helps in inventory management and efficient delivery.

Line drawing of online shopping with AI-assisted delivery tracking
AI streamlining e-commerce and logistics

Finance: AI can help manage personal finances, such as financial planning, investment advice, and debt management. It can also monitor transactions and alert suspicious activities to enhance financial security.

Smart Homes: AI aids in managing smart homes, controlling electrical systems, air conditioning, and security systems through apps connected to various home devices, making home management easy and convenient.

AI at Work

Organizational Communication: In the workplace, AI enhances communication efficiency between employees, such as chatbots in company applications that can answer general questions 24/7 and assist in document management, reducing repetitive tasks.

Illustration of AI chatbot managing email communications
AI improving organizational communication efficiency

Task Management: AI can efficiently plan and manage tasks, such as data analysis, project tracking, and decision-making advice, helping executives see the big picture and make quick decisions.

Marketing and Sales: In business, AI plays a crucial role in analyzing customer data and suggesting sales methods that meet customer needs. It also helps manage online advertising and analyze marketing results, making marketing more effective.

Production: AI can increase efficiency in production processes by controlling machines and automating quality checks, reducing errors, and speeding up production.

Customer Service: AI improves customer service efficiency, such as using chatbots for real-time customer inquiries and analyzing customer feedback to improve services.

Woman interacting with AI customer service bot on a tablet
AI revolutionizing customer service interactions

Developing AI Governance Framework in Thailand

Both public and private sectors in Thailand are developing AI governance frameworks to ensure appropriate and safe AI utilization. AI ethics guidelines and personal data protection laws are being implemented to ensure transparent AI use and reduce potential risks.

Developing an appropriate AI governance framework will help Thailand fully benefit from AI while managing potential risks. Integrating AI into daily life and work not only increases efficiency but also gives us more time for things we love, making our lives easier and of higher quality.

In the future, AI will play an increasingly important role in the daily lives and work of Thai people. Developing an appropriate regulatory framework will ensure efficient and safe AI use for all users.

With relentless advancements in AI technology and its application in various fields, we can see that AI is changing Thai people's way of life and making work smoother and more efficient. Thais can expect AI to become an indispensable assistant in every aspect of life, bringing convenience and higher efficiency in all areas of daily living.

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