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Experience the future of business and unlock efficiency and innovation with our revolutionary Voicebot and Chatbot solutions.

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Unlock the power of voice and chat interactions

Experience the future of communication with free speech and text interactions, allowing customers to express themselves naturally. Command our bots using speech and receive text responses effortlessly. Boost your operations and engage customers like never before!

Voicebot conversation

Reduce up to 50% of human agent calls.

Support high volumes of interactions for businesses of all sizes.

Empowered by the capabilities of GPT and Large Language Models

Our solutions accurately comprehend user intent, skillfully deliver human-like responses, and contextually relevant interactions. Welcome to a new era of customer service.

Scale with ease

Chatbots streamline operations, scale effortlessly, and reduce the need for additional staff, ensuring efficient and cost-effective customer service.

With the ability to support high volumes of interactions, we're here to grow alongside your ambitions. These are examples of what we can do!

  • General Enquiry: Check available flights, movie showtimes, branch information, and promotions.
  • Identification & Verification: Phone number identification + PIN or verification through personal questions.
  • Requests: Request for invoices, tax documents, and making insurance claims.
  • Notifications & Reminders: Flight reschedule notifications, payment due reminders, and contract renewal notifications.
Voice assistant

24/7 Lightning-Fast Response Times

Our bots are more than just chat partners – they're virtual geniuses. They instantly understand your customers' intent and deliver precise responses every time, ensuring no long waits.

He is your AI virtual agent.

He handles tasks such as Speech Call Routing and operates as a chatbot using natural language understanding.

Additionally, he offers self-service on platforms such as Telephony IVR, Facebook Messenger, Line, Webchat, and Google Nest Mini.

Trusted by top enterprises in Thailand

Impressive track record: Amity Solutions has powered the success of well-known AI implementations, including True, True Touch, Krungsri, Kasikorn Bank, GSB, LH Bank, AIA, CPF, HomePro, SCG Home, SSO, and Asia Sermkij Leasing, among many others.