A generative AI chatbot can help answer and generate challenging interview questions, providing dual benefits.
Generative AI
Saruta Charunmethee
min read
December 26, 2023

Is AI chatbot a better job interviewer, interviewee or both?

So it goes like this—

You apply for a job. You make it to the interview. Then you’re very likely to get asked a list of questions that reflect your attitude and personal view towards certain subjects, which might make or break your career.

Some of the most common questions include “Tell me about yourself.”, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, and “Why do you want to work for this company?”.

However, artificial intelligence (AI) is currently being used in the hiring process from screening resumes to conducting automated video interviews (AVIs), according to the 2020 Gartner HR Survey, with data and performance results being examined and processed through the AI developer platform.

So I can’t help but wonder how capable it is, especially generative AI, of generating convincing answers for interviewers. 

Not only does AI can outperform certain job positions, but it can also potentially ask even better questions and humanize itself so it appears as an interviewee.

Well, let’s put a few AI chatbots to the test and see how it turns out. Shall we?

What is Generative AI to begin with?

Generative AI is a sub-category of artificial intelligence that uses machine learning to generate new data, available in various forms like text, image, code, or video.

These machine-learning models learn the structure and patterns of the input and generate characteristically relevant output and automated predictions in human language.

One of the most generative AI tools and platforms is generative AI chatbots, best known for their ability to be integrated with applications and programs to retrieve information or create new content.

ChatGPT, Writesonic, Snapchat’s My AI, Duolingo Max, and the list goes on.

Chatbot as an interviewer: A challenger or a friendly one?

I picked three AI chatbots out of many—ChatGPT, Claude.ai, and ASAP—to see which one represents the company best, then fed them the same prompt.

Would you be leaving the interview room thinking I thought I came prepared…? (You did or they did?)


Please provide three precise yet not suggestive interview questions for candidates that indicate the following requirements. [You're a hiring manager for a Bangkok-based chatbot company. You're looking for a content marketing manager with 3-year experience who could be the perfect fit for the chatbot company. Your perfect candidate is creative, adaptive, well-rounded, and most importantly, witty. They will be responsible for Gen-Z-related content creation which also requires a relevant sense of humor, pop culture references, and social awareness.]


ChatGPT as interviewer
ChatGPT as interviewer
Claude.ai as interviewer
ASAP (Amity Solutions AI Platform) as interviewer

Well, needless to say—I’m impressed. 

To be fair, their responses vary. All of them provide suggestive questions derived from detected keywords. 

ChatGPT however fails to channel its questions towards tech-centered marketing, given my input includes two “tech”s, which could be acceptable if that candidate has zero experience in the tech industry.

ASAP keeps it brief and clear, while Claude.ai stands out with its word-of-choice and to-the-point questions.

I’ll leave it to you to be the best judge of character then.

Chatbot as an interviewee: A talker or a nonchalant one?

Here’s each AI chatbot’s interviewing skill when being inserted the same prompt.

You are an interviewee. You're being interviewed for a marketing manager position at a Bangkok-based chatbot company. You are the perfect candidate who is creative, adaptive, well-rounded, and most importantly, witty. You know that you will be responsible for Gen-Z-related content creation which also requires a relevant sense of humor, pop culture references, and social awareness. Please answer the following interview questions to secure the position even though you only have 6-month experience in this field.
  1. What strategies do you employ to create content that resonates with Gen Z audiences? Provide examples of successful campaigns you’ve created targeting youth demographics.
  2. Describe a time when you had to rapidly change course on a content campaign due to decreasing engagement. How did you identify the need to shift direction and what actions did you take to adapt?
  3. Discuss your approach for ensuring edgy yet relevant chatbot content stays within the bounds of appropriateness for young users. Share any firsthand lessons on determining those boundaries.


Claude.ai as interviewee
ChatGPT as interviewee
ASAP (Amity Solutions AI Platform) as interviewee

These AI chatbots are, in fact, HR-friendly assistive technologies

Answering questions is a form of storytelling and it’s safe to say that these chatbots have mastered it. 

I tried to keep them humble while maximizing their potential by replacing 3-year experience with 9-month experience—how would these candidates talk interviewers into job offers?

All of their responses are made up, from providing statistic-based performance results and logical career backgrounds, as if they once were consultants or walking LinkedIn accounts.  

However, such critical responses show not only organizational contribution and achievement but also their leadership and problem-solving skills at their best, which could be a great example for anyone looking for this job position.

Answering interview questions is a balance between being yourself and being persuasive enough to make your employers believe you’re the perfect fit. 

Generative AI chatbot integrations

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