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Saruta Charunmethee
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August 28, 2023

Why Brand Identity Matters and So Does Your Chatbot

Every brand has its own value. To exhibit brand identity through items, visuals or even the website’s AI assistant, they do it for a reason.

Businesses nowadays are taking branding and marketing strategy to another level on every platform possible. Brand identity, which is how a customer perceives and interacts with your brand, is getting as strong as ever, too.

Why does strong brand identity matter?

A strong brand identity is essential because it creates a unique brand personality and helps differentiate a brand from its competitors, building trust and loyalty among customers.

A 2019 study found that 67% of customers say that they will continue to buy products and services from the brand they trust. So in order to promote brand loyalty and trust, one should prioritize shaping brand identity through consistency and a strategic approach.

“The stronger the brand image, the higher the tendency to outperform weak ones.”

What should be considered to reinforce brand image?

Brand image consistency fundamentally consists of color palettes, fonts, and most importantly, tone and voice, which are spot-on and clearly identifiable.

Let’s say you’re a regular customer at a cosmetic store. You’re very likely to recognize what their logo looks like, what uniform their employees are wearing, and what kind of cosmetic brands they offer. 

Whether it’s the platform the brand displays their products, their social media account, or any of their customer service channels, it should also align with the branding guideline.

Brand image and customer service

Ever since chatbot integrations have become an integral part of customer service, chatbot branding or chatbot marketing is still in its early stages of development and improvement. 

According to a 2018 research article, due to the wide adoption and implementation of chatbots by brands, there has been an expected increase in the impact of chatbots' personality on the user's brand perception. 

Only a handful of big companies are leading and succeeding in chatbot identity development that aligns with the branding guidelines, leaving most chatbot integrations characterless. 

It takes verbal, visual, and experiential elements into account.

How to create chatbot or AI assistant personality?

To create authentic brand perception, the chatbot’s behavior should correspond to the expectations of brand behavior.

Chatbot’s personality training 

If an insurance company were to create a successful chatbot personality, what would they do? 

brand identity chatbot
Allianz Partner Chatbot helping to combat COVID-19

The initiation of Allianz Partners’ online symptom checker proved the efficiency of chatbot integrations while helping medical professionals and maintaining the brand identity.

The tone and voice match the value and personality the brand exhibits on the connection of technology and human interactions through operations, community, and patient experience. 

Overall, it embodies the brand identity and underlines their medical expertise.

It’s a win-win.

Adopting chatbot integrations and creating your tone and voice to match your brand personality can take a lot of time and effort, that’s why we recommend deploying AI chatbots that can provide tailored customer service while maintaining brand personality effortlessly.

If you’re looking for a tool, look no further. Our ASAP serves as your AI assistant that would help you shape your own brand’s tone and voice professionally and efficiently—your own customized GPT-powered chatbot.

Make sure you have your branding guidelines laid out and don’t worry, here are some more of our customer stories to inspire you.