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Boonyawee Sirimaya
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May 28, 2024

Eko: Amity's Secret to Exceptional Customer Support

In today's fast-paced business world, customer support teams play a vital role in maintaining strong client relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction. Amity's Customer Support Lead, Jayden Lim, understands the importance of being there for the company's clientele. 

With a four-person team catering to clients worldwide, Jayden knows that streamlined communications and clear task management are crucial for success. We had the opportunity to interview Jayden about how he uses the Eko platform to lead his remote team and serve customers effectively.

Eko platform is showing chats
Eko's intuitive interface empowers Amity's support team

Incorporating Eko into Daily Work Routine

Jayden uses Eko to work seamlessly with his direct team and colleagues across various departments. The platform's Chats and Topics functionalities keep discussions organized and ensure efficient information flow. Video Calls enable Jayden to conduct meetings, catch-ups, and stand-ups with his team, even when they are dispersed. 

The Library feature centralizes customer support manuals, processes, SOPs, and other relevant documents, making them easily accessible to anyone who needs them. Additionally, the team uses Cards to track OKRs and performance, updating the information quarterly to keep everyone informed of the team's progress.

Staying on Top of Work with Eko

Jayden emphasizes the importance of communication and organization in staying on top of work. He prioritizes clearing notifications, leaving no messages unread, and focusing on urgent tasks where he is mentioned. 

Eko's Topics feature streamlines conversations with clients, creating dedicated spaces for bug reporting and feedback discussions. This well-structured system allows the team to easily trace back specific discussions or information when needed.

Ensuring Timely Responses to Customer Concerns

Customer concerns are time-sensitive, and Jayden's team has standardized their system to respond within SLA. Customers prefer using Eko's Chat to connect with the support team, as it enables real-time communication and immediate response to their concerns. The team has also created a system where customers can mention specific team names in the chat, ensuring that issues are escalated to the right team or person promptly.

The Benefits of Eko in a Remote Setup

Eko has proven to be invaluable for both Amity's employees and their clients' employees in a remote work environment. Since transitioning to working from home, Amity's clients have seen a significant increase in active users on their Eko platform. 

Customers have provided positive feedback, stating that Eko helps them get work done and communicate effectively during the COVID-19 outbreak. With more active users, Amity's Customer Support team receives valuable feedback on how to further optimize the platform to support remote teams.


Jayden Lim's insights highlight the power of Eko in empowering remote customer support teams. By leveraging the platform's features, such as Chats, Topics, Video Calls, and the Library, Amity's Customer Support team can efficiently communicate, organize tasks, and provide timely assistance to their clients. As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, tools like Eko prove essential in ensuring seamless collaboration and exceptional customer support.

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