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Saruta Charunmethee
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October 27, 2023

Drive Your Business Global With AI Chatbots

Don’t let language barriers stop your business from going international. It’s the last thing you should worry about.

Imagine you walk up to a staff or an employee for professional advice, help or a second opinion in a store and fail to receive a solution or offer to what you’re looking for due to a communication issue.

The impression you have of that store wouldn’t be too good. Or maybe it’s not a big deal on your part.

Still, do you, as a customer, prefer ordering or purchasing with a brand where customer service professionally or effortlessly speaks your language?

It might not be as necessary when it comes to selecting available products on the website and going straight to the payment process. However, if verbal communication through customer service is required, the brand is expected to provide the best customer experience.

But fear not.

Language barriers, in this day and age, should be the last thing businesses need to worry about ever since artificial intelligence has taken over technology integrations among multiple industries globally. 

Equipped with multilingual AI is still a big win nonetheless

A 2020 CSA research on multilingual customer service revealed that 75% of customers tend to stay loyal to brands that provide support in their native language. 

Around 44% of Telecoms companies, according to 2016 Oracle research, reveals that they fail to meet customers’ expectations during their first conversation. 

Customer feedback can make or make your brand. It is and will always be.

To create a positive customer experience, it all comes down to three main goals that multilingual AI chatbots can help you achieve—accessibility, inclusivity, and customer loyalty.

Make your customer service accessible

Offering multilingual services helps reduce communication issues and creates an opportunity to represent the brand internationally. It also allows customers to have access to products and services, both domestic and worldwide.

Inclusivity is not a trend

Brands can promote inclusivity with multilingual AI chatbots by offering language preferences. Preferably native languages or not, it should at least make their life easier. 

Avoid miscommunication and unnecessary bounce rates.

Create trust to build customer loyalty

Let’s be honest, we all hate pushy notifications that don’t concern any of our interest or ask us to sign up for their monthly newsletter. 

Customer loyalty and engagement can be built through trust in the brand’s customer service, before and after purchase. Suggestions and offers made by multilingual AI chatbots, without language barriers, therefore tend to get the message across more clearly and convincingly. 

You can even make customer surveys in multiple languages to provide accessible feedback for your brand through multiple platforms and chatbot interfaces. 

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Multilingual chatbot solutions for higher customer satisfaction

Our Amity Solutions AI Platform or ASAP is capable of providing full-on multilingual, GPT-based AI assistant that allows you to provide multipurpose customer service, 24/7 accessibility with customized responses based on your prompts and data source preferences.

Our GPT-powered AI assistants or ASAP can respond according to the customer’s input language appropriately, anytime, anywhere.

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