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Boonyawee Sirimaya
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April 25, 2024

Unraveling Employee Engagement vs. Employee Experience

As organizations evolve, they recognize the importance of providing a meaningful and enriching work experience to foster employee loyalty and retention. Employers have realized that employees are no longer solely driven by rewards; they seek empowerment, value, and an environment that allows them to perform at their best. This shift has led to a focus on employee engagement in the workplace.

However, as workplaces continuously evolve, companies are striving to provide a more personalized and authentic experience for their workforce, giving rise to the employee experience era.

While the terms "employee engagement" and "employee experience" are often used interchangeably, they are distinct concepts with different implications for the workplace.

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement refers to employees' emotional commitment and involvement towards their work, team, and organization. It measures how motivated, dedicated, and absorbed employees are in their roles and responsibilities. Engaged employees feel a strong connection to their company's goals, values, and mission, and they go above and beyond to contribute to its success.

What is Employee Experience?

Employee experience encompasses an employee's entire journey within an organization, from the initial recruitment process to their eventual exit. It encompasses all the interactions, events, and perceptions that shape an employee's overall satisfaction, motivation, and loyalty toward the company. A positive employee experience fosters a sense of belonging, growth opportunities, and a supportive work environment, ultimately leading to higher engagement, productivity, and retention.

Employee Engagement vs. Employee Experience

According to Gallup, employee engagement is an ongoing aspect of the employee journey, while employee experience encompasses the entire journey an employee takes with the company. The human resources publication All Things Talent further clarifies that "Employee engagement is related to how the organization goes the extra mile to create a positive attitude and behavior among its employees." In contrast, employee experience is "the total sum of the employee's perceptions about their interaction with the organization on a day-to-day basis."

The Importance of Employee Experience

It's important to note that the employee lifecycle begins before an individual joins your company – during recruitment. As employee experience champion Josh Bersin explains, "Candidates assess future employers from the very start of the talent acquisition experience and make quick judgments about what life will be like for them in the organization, based on how they interact with the enterprise during the recruiting cycle."

As employees spend more time with your company, they increasingly seek a fulfilling employee experience that provides purpose, meaning, and opportunities for growth.

Leveraging Employee Experience Platforms

Bersin suggests that to deliver the best employee experience; organizations should utilize an employee experience platform (EXP). An EXP provides a holistic solution, addressing pain points at any stage of the employee's lifecycle and ultimately creating a more engaged workforce invested not only in their work but also in the relationships they cultivate within the company.

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