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October 20, 2023

3 Key AI Technologies Shaping Our Daily Digital Lives

In various industries today, we can observe the increasing use of AI technology and automation systems to streamline processes, reduce redundancy, and improve efficiency. However, if you are developing a new business, you might wonder whether to use AI technology or automation systems. How do these two systems differ?

AI Technology vs. Automation: What's the Difference?

AI technology and automation systems differ in their working processes. AI technology has a self-learning capability, which allows the system or machine to learn automatically from data patterns, analyze data, make decisions, and recognize various patterns to generate the best possible results. In contrast, automation systems follow programmed commands without analyzing or learning further, focusing on executing tasks as per the preset instructions.

AI technology is particularly intriguing and widely adopted across various industries due to its ability to think, analyze, plan, and make informed decisions, resulting in better outcomes. Automation systems, on the other hand, are suitable for tasks that require following conventional rules and do not need continuous learning or development.

Current AI technology
Current AI technology

GPT 3.5

One prominent AI technology in use today is GPT 3.5 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3.5) developed by OpenAI. GPT 3.5 is an intelligent chatbot model that excels not only in language translation but also in responding to text and creating various types of content efficiently. It can engage in human-like communication, making it invaluable in numerous businesses, such as deep data analysis and predictive insights from historical data. It saves time in data retrieval and greatly enhances business efficiency.


Chatbots are programs that leverage the capabilities of AI technology, such as analytical thinking and text processing, to provide automated responses through text-based conversations. They are highly efficient and can communicate with users around the clock, replacing the need for human employees. Chatbots offer quick consultations and appropriate recommendations to users, making them popular in B2C (Business-to-Customer) businesses like retail, insurance, and the airline industry, among others.

Data Inspection and Analysis Systems

The ability to inspect and analyze data is one of the AI technology's superior features. Nowadays, several industries apply this capability to develop products and services in various ways. For instance, in the Fleet Management system, AI technology is used to collect data from drivers, such as speed, braking, and cornering behaviors, to analyze and alert about potential driving risks, reducing the chances of accidents. Additionally, AI is used to analyze real-time traffic data, historical route information, and other variables to enhance route planning efficiency.

Facilities Management is another sector that uses AI technology. It analyzes vast amounts of data from sensors, devices, and maintenance records to predict potential failures within the system. This helps save employees' work hours, improves efficiency, and minimizes unexpected breakdowns.

AI technology is closer to us than we might think and is ready to assist in more convenient and efficient work. If you are a business owner seeking AI assistance for your organization, consider using Amity Solutions, an intelligent chatbot AI platform. It enhances communication between employees and customers, provides accurate answers to customer queries, and ensures customer satisfaction, ultimately improving the digital experience for your employees.

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