AmityBots AI Chatbot Features and Generative AI Chatbots for Businesses
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December 14, 2023

Explore AmityBots AI Chatbot Features for Businesses.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of online business, the use of chatbots is transforming customer service and enhancing user experiences. Currently, leveraging AI for business, particularly AI chatbots, has become commonplace as many companies integrate them. However, the question of

How should we use AI chatbots to best suit our business?

arises for businesses incorporating AI chatbots. With the introduction of the latest version of the AmityBots Platform, we bring AI technology for businesses to elevate chatbot capabilities, ensuring it transforms current business operations and enhances user satisfaction with AI chatbots.

AmityBots AI Chatbot Platform Features

AmityBots AI Chatbot Platform for Businesses
AmityBots AI Chatbot Platform for Businesses

Easy-to-Use Platform for AI Chatbot Creation

One crucial development on the AmityBots Platform is the user-friendly interface design, allowing users to customize AI chatbots effortlessly. The process of message forwarding has been improved and simplified, saving valuable resources and reducing costs. Businesses can adapt the foundational AI chatbot within just two weeks.

Continuous Development of New Features

Users of the AmityBots Platform can be confident that new AI features for businesses are regularly introduced. These include improved message delivery speed, increased stability, and faster campaign launches. These features contribute to efficient and effective communication with the target audience, aiding business planning.

New Feature: Dashboard User Journey

The "Dashboard User Journey" is a feature for analyzing user data added to the AmityBots Platform. It provides insights into user activities, helping teams understand user behavior and refine AI chatbot operations based on analytical data. This valuable information enhances the customization of AI chatbot responses to better meet user needs.

Integration with Seamless Agent Live Chat

AmityBots Livechat for Businesses

For businesses requiring staff intervention during customer interactions to ensure quick problem resolution, the AmityBots Platform supports live chat through AmitBots Livechat. This flexibility allows businesses to seamlessly switch users to agent communication when necessary. Real-time assistance assures users that their queries will be addressed promptly. Additionally, service level agreements (SLAs) and dashboards are in place to track conversation statistics, enhancing the efficiency of agent care and the efficient monitoring of conversations.

Compatibility with Generative AI Chatbots

Amid the growing popularity of Generative AI, the AmityBots Platform offers compatibility with the "Amity Solutions AI Platform." This integration enables businesses to leverage AI benefits to enhance the efficiency of AI chatbot responses, reducing the burden on staff handling general user queries. This technological edge allows businesses to stand out and deliver an exceptional customer experience.
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