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Saruta Charunmethee
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January 4, 2024

Have trouble concentrating? AI Assistant Can Help

Your AI assistant is your one-call-away, so better make the most out of it to improve your life in 2024.

trouble concentrating AI assistant ADHD help
AI Assistant as your favorite tool

As much as I love to ask Siri to skip the next song on my playlist during my shower karaoke, I also appoint it as my personal journal annotator. What a way to kick-start my new year solution, right?

This year, my goal is to work smarter, not harder.

I’m joking about the “not harder” part, but I do believe that as technological development continues to skyrocket in 2024, with heightened regulations and weekly controversies, we might as well maximize our AI bestie to work with us, not against us.

There are multiple ways you can treat these AI assistants as your go-to life supporter. And it comes in handy for anyone with trouble concentrating—a friend for multitasking individuals and an all-around companion for people with a self-improvement mindset.

Let AI assistant be your reminders

I can’t stress enough how important and useful these technologies are when it comes to time management. 

Let’s say you’ve got eight tasks to finish today so you set a reminder for every single task you may or may not manage to finish in time. Instead, let AI run and re-adjust your calendar to avoid messy, overlapping tasks. 

Scheduling and prioritizing your tasks right can minimize pressure and anxiety, which leads to higher productivity and achievements.  

Let AI assistant help you master your focus techniques

Besides providing bullet points on how to minimize distractions and promote mindfulness, AI can be more personalized. 

If you allow AI to monitor your browsing habits for data analysis, it could identify which program or website you spend unnecessary amount of time on and block access .

You can even customize your own step-by-step AI interventions to meet your needs!

(To make sure AI only allows authorized access, check privacy settings and policy before use.)

Let AI assistant be your treatment reminders

Keeping your treatment and medication appointments straight on top of assignments and daily tasks can be challenging. 

Why don’t you have AI keep the record, send you alerts up to a week before appointments, or according to your preferences, and give you a heads-up before your medication routine?

Let AI assistant minimize your distractions

Some of you might be growing virtual trees in your free time…I’ve been there, done that. 

If the control you have over yourself fades over time, having AI minimize distractions and reinforce a focused work environment is a great alternative.

That includes turning off non-essential notifications, using noise-canceling features, or recommending apps that limit access to distracting websites during specific tasks.

Let AI assistant track your progress

A lot of us have achieved a milestone we’re not even aware of. So taking a breather and appreciating what you’ve done is so crucial, not only for character development but also for your long-term work experience.

As a self-help content consumer, I enjoy having AI track my progress on tasks and projects, effectively providing positive reinforcement. 

I also found that reward systems integrated into AI applications can motivate me to complete tasks and maintain focus better.

Hey, and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back when you’ve made it.

Getting your life together when you’re not able to multitask or have trouble concentrating in this day and age is, to be honest, rather challenging. 

AI assistant has proved to be a great productivity tool for those with and without trouble concentrating, even for corporate use across multiple industries.

Try out several AI assistants available on many platforms to see which one suits you best.

I hope you kickstart your 2024 with productive, sustainable habits and a good old “you’ve got this!”

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