Amity Bots for FMCG

Increase sales opportunities through Omnichannel

Craft an exclusive customer experience with AI-driven insights into consumer behavior, boosting sales opportunities across online and offline channels through a unified platform.

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Omnichannel Experience

Streamline your marketing processes with automation

Amity Bots provide an Omnichannel retail experience, optimizing benefits and driving profits by seamlessly connecting marketing offers with customers on various platforms, including LINE, Facebook Messenger, and your website.

Marketing & Sales automation

Facilitate collaboration between sales and marketing systems

Create a tailored customer experience by employing targeted care management, ensuring content and support align closely with the preferences of the target audience, fostering greater brand satisfaction.

Customer education & FAQ

Customers can quickly and accurately access product information

Chatbots help your customers quickly obtain information about products or brands, such as return policies, campaigns, or coupons, and receive instant answers to frequently asked questions.

Customer Story

The FMCG Company building an online community of cooking enthusiasts

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Amity is ISO27001 ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and SOC2 Type II certified