Amity Bots for Insurance

Elevate customer experience through AI chatbots

Boost brand loyalty and customer satisfaction with Omnichannel AI communication and enhance service through Amity Bots from claims to care.

Talk to Sales
Live Agent Support

Enhance customer satisfaction by chatting with a live agent

The secret to successful customer experiences is seamlessly combining human resources and automation. This allows real-time transfer of queries from bots to human agents, ensuring instant communication for customers.

Marketing & Sales automation

Increase opportunities for upselling and securing sales

Understanding customer purchase history and preferences not only enhances customer insight but also creates opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, and the implementation of a Loyalty Program to foster customer retention and advocacy.

Customer Support

Provide customer service just like a personal concierge

In the competitive insurance industry, operational costs must be reduced while providing 24/7 assistance. Utilizing chatbots for quick and accurate responses not only cuts costs but also distinguishes your brand from competitors.

Customer Story

80% of insurers in Thailand use Amity Solutions to create seamless digital experiences

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Amity is ISO27001 ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and SOC2 Type II certified