80% of insurers in Thailand use Amity to create seamless digital experiences

Thailand insurance providers use Amity Social Cloud to move past an outdated system and guarantee an efficient and digital-first customer experience. By adding conversational and community interactions these companies save time and resources, allowing them to make the application process easier and the issue and claim services faster. This, in turn, creates greater engagement, trust, and most importantly, user satisfaction.

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Moving past outdated business models

The field of insurance has always had the reputation of being overly complicated and bureaucratic. Over the last decades, and especially after Covid-19, insurers realised that they cannot rely on outdated systems as customers require quick access to information and an effective way of solving their issues. Users no longer want to spend countless hours browsing through alternatives and searching for a solution only to be disappointed with their digital service experience.

Given this situation, companies were looking for the potential to enable users to easily find what they were looking for and have real time access to any data, while feeling supported in a greater community. With these changes, everyone could benefit from more efficient insurance processes that would sell fast and that would make the lives of customers and agents easier. 

Smoothening an uneven customer journey 

These companies quickly saw the opportunity to partner with Amity to integrate social features such as Bots and Communities into their platforms, adding a positive community angle for their users and making their service more customer-friendly.

By delivering multi-touch and highly interactive experiences on their Apps and third party platforms such as LINE, these companies enabled their customers to become part of a community and interact with the company. For example, Bots allowed users to easily browse through the products and information, ask questions to clear up their doubts, and request a live agent to join the channel, only if and when necessary.

Because of these changes, customers didn’t have to spend so much time solving their issues and with the right information, they were able to select the right plan for them. This was also extremely beneficial for the agents, as customers’ preferences were narrowed down, thus minimizing the need for initial queries. Once ready, customers could request for a call or face-to-face meeting with agents to finalize the deal. Already, this implementation made something as tedious as responding to questions easy and effortless.

User interface of an insurance app with integrated bots

Our Bots also helped users navigate clients’ community platforms to find nearby branches. Therefore, rather than breaking the sales flow by asking the customer to visit a branch, within the conversation, the Bots could guide users to branch locations if needed. Through the community, customers could also check their current insurance status and pay their insurance premiums, leading to a reduced workload in tracking claims and payment deadlines, and a decrease in time spent on calls overall by agents. Finally, users were also able to begin their applications at any time for chosen insurance packages and finalize the sale with an agent. Bots became the go-to solution, helping to speed up requests and simplify the needs of each user.

In the end, the numbers say it all: 60-70% claims were processed and time spent on calls by support agents were reduced by 30%.
User interface of an insurance app with integrated bots

Supporting agents on the frontline

A very important aspect in integrating social features into services offered by insurers is to ensure that they can use these tools to revert dated systems. Amity Social Cloud’s ability to speed up processes and make people’s lives easier by giving them a direct communication channel led to a couple of our major partners to reach out to us for support.

Wanting to still use their internal platform, we flexed our creative muscles and came up with an internal bot so that agents could login and check on claim status, policy payment status, and potential hot leads. The Bots did all the work by processing claims with agility and providing the exact information for agents to finalize their work and convert their customers.

Chat conversation between customer and insurance agent bot

Aiming for a future with expansion and growth

At Amity, we are always looking to make interactions more personalized and cater to customers and clients with efficiency so they can hit their targets and achieve long-term goals. We all know that insurance is a complicated field that requires a great deal of bureaucracy, but as we move into a new era of digital connection, conversational and community experiences are the ultimate solutions to revamp the customer experience in this industry.

We want people’s needs to be dealt with swiftly while helping companies sell their products faster. Given these standards, we can’t wait to introduce our community features to all our partners and keep improving our engagement by using new resources such as social, chat, and video. By doing so, we aim to help our clients grow and most importantly, we improve experiences to transform customers into brand advocates!