Transforming Guest Experience and Staff Collaboration at U Sathorn Hotel with Eko

U Sathorn has 140 staff across 8 departments including Front office, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage and Engineering.

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U Sathorn, a premier hotel in Bangkok, employs 140 staff members across 8 departments, including Front Office, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, and Engineering. The hotel's management team recognized the need for a robust communication and collaboration solution to streamline operations and enhance guest satisfaction.


With diverse teams working together and staff working different shifts, effective communication and collaboration within the hotel were inconsistent and challenging. This led to inefficient resolution of customer complaints, requests getting lost, and a lack of visual confirmation when key customer tasks were completed.


U Sathorn partnered with Eko to address their operational challenges and increase efficiency. Eko's mobile-first platform provided the hotel with features like Workflow, Tasks, and Broadcasts, enabling real-time communication and collaboration among staff.

"With Eko, we are sure that our guests are having a great experience — from the very first moment they check-in. Eko guarantees that our staff react fast and professionally to all our guests' needs." 

— Markus Schneider, 

General Manager at U Sathorn Hotel

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Keeping Employees Updated

U Sathorn utilizes Eko Broadcast for staff-wide announcements, ensuring that all employees are informed about important news, such as VIP guest stays and special requests.

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Creating Accountability

With Eko Tasks, U Sathorn's managers can quickly initiate housekeeping or maintenance requests, which are sent to the appropriate team or worker. This has enabled the hotel to resolve key tasks in under an hour while ensuring proper tracking.

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Decreasing Organizational Barriers

Eko Workflow helps U Sathorn manage internal forms and key employee requests, such as the "Casual Staff Request" for events like parties or weddings. The approval process, which involves 4 levels of management, has been reduced from a day to less than an hour.


By deploying Eko, U Sathorn has significantly improved various processes. The hotel now sends mobile-first tasks to ensure timely and proper completion of guest requests, daily broadcasts to keep staff informed, and utilizes Workflow and Forms to collect staff feedback and support internal processes. As a result, U Sathorn has experienced quicker resolution of guest requests, increased accountability, and a notable improvement in guest satisfaction.