How Marriott County Hall overcame their communication challenges using Eko

Marriott County Hall uses Eko to revolutionize internal communication, connect teams, and enhance guest services with a mobile-first platform.

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With a staff of over 200 employees, Marriott County Hall struggled to maintain effective communication throughout the organization. The diverse teams working on different shifts found it difficult to stay connected and collaborate efficiently. This led to instances of outdated information, delayed resolution of customer complaints, and hindered the delivery of exceptional guest services.


To address these challenges, Marriott County Hall partnered with Eko to implement a mobile-first solution that would streamline their internal communication. The hotel aimed to provide its staff with a platform that would allow them to stay connected with their managers and colleagues, even outside of their shifts. Additionally, they sought to establish real-time communication channels to ensure that everyone received up-to-date information promptly, regardless of their location.


Marriott County Hall leveraged Eko's Broadcasts feature to effectively disseminate company updates, policies, and announcements to their entire workforce. The management team can now monitor real-time statistics to track who has read the updates. This enables them to proactively reach out to employees who haven't opened the messages, ensuring that no one misses crucial information.


Eko's Chats feature has significantly enhanced communication efficiency by allowing Marriott County Hall's employees to connect with any colleague instantly. The use of Topics – named threads within chats – has brought structure and organization to work discussions. Regardless of the number of ongoing conversations, participants can easily locate relevant information and key details based on the topic.


Since implementing Eko in November 2019, Marriott County Hall has witnessed a remarkable improvement in communication efficiency. The platform ensures that guest requests and new hotel policies are promptly communicated to the relevant employees or teams, enabling them to prioritize tasks that require immediate attention.

Since the adoption of Eko, the hotel's management has reported consistent active user rates of 80%. This high engagement level indicates a more connected and informed workforce, ultimately translating into the delivery of best-in-class services to their guests.

"Eko is the tech solution we were looking for, as it has revolutionized and taken our communication to a new level, as well as engaged our associates and improved guest service." 

– Alex Dimsdale

Multi-Property Director of Human Resources