How the ESP Group ensured employee safety and well-being during COVID-19 while maintaining business continuity

ESP Group uses Eko to connect its dispersed workforce, ensuring seamless communication and fostering a sense of community during the COVID-19 crisis

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During the pandemic, while some companies transitioned their entire workforce to remote work, ESP was among the few businesses deemed essential to maintain the operation of air, water, road, and rail passenger and freight transport modes during the COVID-19 crisis. Consequently, a portion of their staff needed to work at various locations to ensure the smooth functioning of transportation during this period.

Given this situation, they had to continue their operations during an unprecedented time. As a result, they prioritized the safety and health of their employees, particularly those who still needed to travel for essential services. Additionally, they aimed to foster a sense of community among their staff, even when they were not working together at their headquarters.


Eko's team collaborated with ESP Group's IT and human resources departments to implement the platform and onboard the staff. From the outset, Eko connected all the dispersed employees, ensuring that everyone would remain in contact with their colleagues, whether they worked from home or were on the road.


‍ESP Group utilized Eko Chats to connect with their employees through instant and well-organized conversations. Remote workers used this feature to discuss work and reach out to their colleagues for brief catch-ups during breaks, mitigating feelings of isolation. Meanwhile, employees on the road could access Eko on their mobile devices, enabling them to communicate with their teams more efficiently. Their managers were able to check on them regularly throughout the pandemic.


‍With teams working in various locations, ESP Group used Eko Broadcasts to ensure that any information was instantly disseminated to all staff and locations simultaneously. Updating everyone with relevant news in real-time was particularly crucial during uncertain times and ensured inclusivity in the company's communication.


ESP Group ensured that their workforce remained connected via Eko: the platform served as a key enabler for every employee to access any colleague or data within seconds, regardless of their device or location. Streamlined communication was vital to the success of the teams providing essential services in various areas.

ESP Group placed a high value on ensuring their employees felt together while dispersed. The implementation of Eko resulted in strengthened team bonds and increased engagement. By serving as the primary communication hub during COVID-19, Eko made checking in on staff well-being smooth and efficient. According to the staff survey, regular communication and check-ins from managers made employees feel valued and safe.

"I am immensely proud of how swiftly our IT and human resources teams responded to the challenge of ensuring everyone was equipped to work from home while also making sure that individual staff still felt connected and an integral part of the ESP Group. We place a high value on staff well-being, so we have ensured that we have a virtual check-in area."

Theresa Slevin

—‍ CEO of ESP Group