CP All integrated Amity Solutions to improve internal communication and ensure service quality

CP All uses Amity Solutions to improve internal communication and share important information such as reports, sales promotions, and marketing materials. With this capability, the company benefits from greater service quality, employee engagement, and cohesiveness between stores.

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CP All Public Company Limited, was established in 1988 by the Charoen Pokphand Group to operate convenience store businesses in Thailand under the 7-Eleven trademark. Currently, the company holds 13,000 stores with more than 200,000 employees.

Overcoming communication obstacles 

Ensuring good quality products and high engagement for stores and employees has always been a challenge for many large convenience stores. For CP All specifically, the company wanted a tool that would allow store managers to keep track of the inflow of work and gain real-time access to product information, which would then better inform them to make decisions on reports with important updates. So we deliver.

Previously, the company relied on a system that required a lot of paperwork and manual adjustments, so the ultimate solution would ensure that franchisees have total control over the success of each store. 

Keeping tabs and staying on track through group chats

Given these challenges, CP All quickly saw the opportunity to partner with Amity by integrating the Amity Chat SDK into their platform, helping to drive greater internal engagement and higher product quality. 

Through Group Chats, all stores could communicate and share information such as reports, sales promotions, and marketing materials. By utilizing Amity Social Cloud for communication purposes, stores could also be promptly notified to perform several tasks including removing expired products from the shelves, informing about specific item conditions, contacting for store reparation, informing customer complaints, and keeping track of suppliers to organize real-time reports.

Making all these shifts meant that franchisees spend less time sorting through information from the HQ. Moreover, stores could make real-time audits through chat, ensure that all products were set up correctly according to the company’s policies, and guarantee the best quality in products by keeping track of expired goods such as milk and eggs. 

Involving staff members through broadcast messaging

CP All also took advantage of the partnership with Amity by integrating Broadcast Messaging, which helped further engage employees. With this feature, the company was able to cater to specific target audiences, being especially useful when weekly highlights needed to be communicated to their storefront workers and to compliment the Hero of the Week. Broadcasts were also used to remind staff of cyber security compliance, thus keeping individuals constantly informed. Overall, Broadcast Messaging helped CP All improve their communication efforts and made sure that staff were closely connected to each other and to their tasks. 

Forging a future that sets new trends 

Having just started developing their capabilities, CP All is looking towards the future to be able to help their employees feel more connected to their work. Other social features provided by Amity Social Cloud such as Videos, Feeds, and Amity Solutions' Bots will act as the main driving force behind the company’s mission in delivering quality product offerings. The future is social and Amity is looking forward to providing companies such as CP All with all the resources so that employees can feel supported to do their best work and drive the business to succeed in the long run.