Makro boosts their internal engagement and communication by adding Chat, Social and Bots capabilities

Makro uses Amity Social Cloud to revamp their internal communication and keep employees informed of important updates. By making it easier for workers to review announcements and communicate with each other, the company benefits from greater engagement and job satisfaction.

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Siam Makro is a Thailand-based wholesale company established in 1988, currently owned by CP All, a subsidiary of CP Group. The company currently operates 100 stores in Thailand and serves more than 2.6 million customers.

Enhancing internal procedures using effective features 

Makro is well known for its international reach and variety of product offerings, but to really experience growth on a larger scale, the company was in need of something that would make lives easier for employees. A change was long overdue, as some approaches or measures that the company was operating on an internal level were very outdated. With important announcements for example, Makro’s managers still relied on e-mails and manual operations to keep their workers updated and couldn’t even check if employees had received or acknowledged messages. Therefore, the company wanted to focus on developing better processes so that they would be able to increase internal engagement and service efficiency.

Ensuring staff members are well-informed

Makro took advantage of this opportunity and partnered with Amity to integrate Amity Social Cloud into their internal platform.

The company implemented broadcast messaging and scheduled announcements where updates and deadlines would automatically be visible to employees. With broadcasts, for example, Makro could publicize news to workers such as general company announcements or even specific announcements to limited teams. By making these modifications, the company noticed a great difference when compared to their previous reliance on emails and were able to ensure that important messages would be visible to all staff so that they would acknowledge the upcoming tasks.

Accessing the platform, anytime, anywhere

Makro leveraged Amity Social Cloud to create community Groups on relevant topics that employees can access often such as HR Self service, applications for internal roles, and employee privilege status. Employees loved this mobile first solution as before they relied on an Intranet that could only be accessed while present in the office – moving these capabilities into Amity Social Cloud meant that they could access it anywhere and at any time!

Improving communication between workers

Looking to further improve their communication efforts, Makro also integrated Chat capabilities, including 1-1 Chats and Group Chats. With these two features, managers could reach out to individual employees or the entire team and have a dedicated space to talk about deadlines or any important information.

A very big advantage of having a dedicated space to communicate within the app was that staff could separate work life from personal life, since all work-related matters took place on a company platform. Also, since Makro used to rely only on WhatsApp and Line, they couldn’t ensure full security or prevent files sent from expiring after a period of time. By utilizing Amity’s Chat features, the company was able to make sure that all messages sent were stored in their own network and owned by them, as well as keeping files from expiring.

Moving towards an employee-centric future

Having just started growing their in-app community, Makro is looking towards the future to be able to help their employees feel more connected to their work. Reflecting on the partnership, Makro was thoroughly satisfied with Amity’s work, stating that our application provide them a better experience for internal communication and company announcements.

Moving forward, other social features provided by Amity Social Cloud and Amity Solutions such as Bots, Videos, and Feeds will act as the main driving force behind employees’ well-being and their ability to deliver the quality of services that is aligned with Makro’s customer strategy.

The future is social and Amity is looking forward to providing companies such as Makro with all the resources so that employees can feel encouraged to deliver their best work and become active brand supporters!