How Towne Park fosters greater connection and engagement with their customers and frontline employees

Towne Park uses Amity Solutions to enable more than 20,000 employees to communicate with each other and make their services smoother by enhancing the customer experience. With this integration, the company benefits from greater engagement and a sense of community.

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Towne Park is a leading hospitality and healthcare parking solutions provider proudly serving premier hotels and healthcare companies across the U.S. Recently, the company underwent expansion and now also acts in the B2C market.

Establishing a community of involved customers and staff members

With thousands of frontline associates and customers all over the country, increasing engagement and connection between individuals became a significant obstacle for Towne Park. On one hand, there was difficulty in creating a link between employees since the workplaces are physically distant from each other and their workforce did not utilize emails as a tool for communication. On the other hand, the company wanted to explore a new approach and maximize their services to directly assist customers. Therefore, the ultimate solution would combine these two challenges and create an environment of innovation and growth.

Transitioning towards a platform that offers multiple services and functions

Given these challenges, Towne Park sought Amity Solutions to help them stay connected and increase employee engagement. The company wanted to ensure that each worker could communicate with anyone in their network, gain easy access to company resources, while being able to promote a positive workforce environment for on-ground staff.

Notifying employees via group chat conversations

With Group Chats, Towne Park managers could send out instant messages in a more organized manner. This feature was particularly useful during the COVID-19 outbreak, as Towne Park quickly provided information and announcement to their staff and made sure everyone was connected to support their teams appropriately. This implementation also helped to organize discussions and create a virtual community for front liners. Due to this factor, their physically distant staff felt a sense of belonging and a freedom in knowing that they could reach out to anyone in the company at any time.

Gaining access to crucial information from any location and at any time.

To get the most out of Amity’s Chat and Bot capabilities, Towne Park moved all their documentation, including HR-related information, into one easily accessible location. This shift was particularly helpful for employees – as Amity made these resources available on mobile devices, any frontline worker can quickly access the updated materials whenever they need it.

Shifting from a focus on resources to providing on-the-ground services

Wanting to also focus on improving experiences for customers and extending their strategy directly to them, Towne Park partnered with Amity Solutions to implement Chatbots into their platform. By adopting this feature, customers could interact with and send messages to the Bot to fulfill various needs such as getting someone to walk their dog or wash their car.

As soon as the Bot recognized the command, it would send a request through internal systems to notify the team. By using the Bot, customers could easily fulfill their needs and workers were able to be aware of their responsibilities without any chance of receiving inaccurate information.

Progressing towards a future characterized by growth and expansion

Having just started growing their community, Towne Park is looking towards the future to be able to help their employees and customers feel more connected and engaged. Reflecting on the partnership, the company has already seen massive growth – With Amity Solutions, Towne Park’s head office can now connect and educate anyone in their business quickly, including those assigned in various locations. They saw 81% of daily active users on the app for their frontline associates and 95% daily active users for their managers.  

Moving forward, other social features provided by Amity Social Cloud such as Videos and Feeds will serve as the main driving force behind Towne Park’s strategy. The future is social and Amity is looking forward to providing companies such as Towne Park with all the resources so that employees can feel encouraged to deliver their best work and customers can become active brand supporters!