How Toyota Leasing is redefining the automotive industry by creating stress-free customer experiences

Toyota Leasing uses Amity Social Cloud to facilitate their customer processes and provide an easy journey to lease and rent cars to customers in Thailand. By integrating this feature, the company is able to reduce workloads for agents and guarantee greater user satisfaction and efficiency.

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Toyota Leasing (Thailand) is a car finance and loan company based in Bangkok, Thailand. The company is part of Toyota Motors Thailand and provides a wide array of automotive services.

Transitioning from slow and unresponsive operations

After struggling with their lease and rental service for a long time due to its inefficiency and slow operating system, Toyota was looking for a solution that would speed up their processes and allow customers to easily choose their favorite automobiles. Given this challenge, the ultimate goal would be to create a digital experience where agents and customers didn’t have to spend so much time dealing with unnecessary information. 

Enabling quick and easy car leasing with FITO

Toyota quickly saw this challenge as an opportunity and decided to partner with Amity by integrating Bots into their customer communication platforms

The company’s first Chatbot called FITO was used to help with car leasing and got customers to ask questions to the Bot so that it could perform a variety of actions. Customers could find leasing information and payment plans, FAQs and information about completing payments, register for leasing through the Chatbot, change their account information, and contact a live agent to call them back. Being able to do this reduced workload for call centers, since the Bot had the ability to solve all issues without the help of live agents.

KINTO and the improved car rental experience

Toyota also implemented another chatbot into their car rental website by the name of KINTO, which would help facilitate transactions and interactions for customers even further. Through this feature, users could pick their favorite cars, apply for rentals, access FAQs about renting, and review payments, maintenance requests, insurance status, and car registration. With this implementation, the company completely eliminated the need to have support agents by making sure that operations could be completed by the chatbot on the website. Therefore, users didn’t have to spend so much time going through unnecessary information with agents, which increased the efficiency and quality of the company’s services. 

Planning ahead for the future of automotive services

Having just started growing their community, Toyota is looking towards the future to be able to help customers get the most out of their experience. Moving forward, other social features provided by Amity such as Videos, Feeds, and Groups will act as the main driving force behind Toyota’s customer strategy.

The future is social and Amity is looking forward to providing companies such as Toyota Leasing (Thailand) with all the resources so that customers can feel encouraged to become active brand supporters!