RS Mall uses Amity Social Cloud to merge their messaging platforms and improve sales

RS Mall uses Amity Social Cloud to connect customers to the right information and improve the sales cycle. In doing this, the company is able to provide more efficient buying experiences for their customers and have greater control over their internal processes.

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RS Mall is a retail business under RS Group focusing on holistic health care products. The company operates in Thailand and has services ranging from in-store shopping to e-commerce.

Facilitating the shopping experience

The retail industry has been experiencing quick expansion throughout the world and because of this, customers have gotten accustomed to quick and efficient buying trajectories. Services have gotten faster, easier, and more personalized. Given this scenario, RS Mall wanted something that would create the same experiences for their customers, while helping their brand improve its sales.

Since the company relied on multiple accounts to navigate their customers through the sales cycle, the best solution would make sure that only one account was being used to increase sales and get more leads.

Finalizing sales with Live Chat

RS Mall quickly saw this challenge as an opportunity and partnered with Amity by integrating Amity Social Cloud into their accounts. 

With Live Chats, customers could access the platform and go through a menu with different accessibility options. Also, with the ticket routing feature, customers would be prompted to start chatting with an agent who could guide them through the sales process. These features not only helped the company merge their accounts into one, but also ensured that each agent could track conversations properly and receive an even distribution of customers.

Live chat integration example for shopping mall

Redefining the retail industry

Having just started growing their in-app community, RS Mall is looking towards the future to be able to help their customers feel more connected to the shopping experience. Moving forward, other social features provided by Amity such as Bots, Videos, and Feeds will act as the main driving force behind customers’ well-being and their relationship to RS Mall’s strategy.

The future is social and Amity is looking forward to providing companies such as RS Mall with all the resources so that shoppers can feel encouraged to become active brand supporters!