Siriraj Hospital uses Amity Social Cloud - Amity Solutions Customer Story

Siriraj Hospital uses Amity Social Cloud to improve their internal communications and allow workers to be more productive and stay on top of their responsibilities. By implementing this feature, the hospital also benefits from increased engagement and employee satisfaction.

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Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital was established in 1888 by H.M. King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V). In 1899, their medical school was established. Siriraj Hospital has been sustainably developing with the generosity of every king as well as the full support from the people of Thailand. It is recognized as one of the biggest hospitals in Southeast Asia.

Making communication flow easier

Digitizing processes and creating a safe communication channel is a crucial aspect to implement for many hospitals around the world. This took on an even greater importance to Siriraj Hospital, as their IT department still relied on manual operations and lacked an internal messaging channel of their own. Therefore, the hospital was looking for a solution that would improve internal communication and help employees be more productive with their work, thus also increasing the quality to which patients were treated.

Creating communities of informed and digitized workers

Siriraj Hospital quickly saw the opportunity to partner with Amity by integrating Amity Social Cloud into their own internal communication channel.

By utilizing this module, doctors and medicine professors could chat directly with each other and send images and files without worrying about their expiration. The institution could also broadcast news, events, and policies to all teams or specific departments, keeping staff on the same page and informed on important updates.

Finally, to get the most out of the module, the hospital moved all their documentation and links into one easily accessible location where doctors and staff could access community groups containing any information. From piles of paper to digitalized processes, Siriraj Hospital was able to greatly improve workers’ productivity by providing a mobile-first solution that kept people informed, updated, and in control of their responsibilities. 

Working towards more efficient internal processes

Having just started growing their digital capabilities, Siriraj Hospital is looking towards the future to be able to help their employees be more productive and connected to their work. Other social features provided by Amity such as Bots, Videos, and Feeds will act as the main driving force behind employees’ well-being and their ability to deliver the quality of services that is aligned with Siriraj’s business strategy.

The future is social and Amity is looking forward to providing institutions such as Siriraj Hospital with all the resources so that employees can feel encouraged to deliver their best work and become active brand supporters!