Subway franchises see a 98% adoption rate with Amity Social Cloud

Groups of Subway franchises across the UK use Amity Social Cloud to boost productivity and make employee communication flow easier on their internal platform. By creating a workplace that people love to be a part of, Subway is able to engage their employees and provide more efficient services to their customers.

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Subway is an American multinational fast food franchise primarily selling submarine sandwiches, wraps, salads and beverages. Founded in 1965, the company experienced quick growth and now has active franchises in more than 90 countries around the world.

Making communication flow easier 

Previously, the restaurant industry held a long reputation of relying on manual operations, forcing employees to adopt platforms such as WhatsApp to communicate with each other. This reality significantly decreases the effectiveness of internal communication and exposes companies such as Subway to a wide array of security and moderation risks. Given this challenge, select Subway franchisees were looking to further develop their internal engagement and make communication flow easier between workers. By doing so, they would also be able to increase the efficiency of service and quality of products.

Increasing efficiency by becoming more chatty

Select Subway franchisees quickly saw the opportunity to partner with Amity. By integrating Chat and Social into their platform so that workers could easily reach out to each other, stay connected and deliver higher quality services. Through a highly interactive and engaging Chat experience, franchise owners could communicate 1-1 with managers and these could in turn reach out to their individual team members or departments to organize daily tasks, weekly shifts, etc.

Broadcast messaging also allowed for a one way communicative channel so that announcements to all employees could be sent on a wide scale.

These integrations made it possible for teams to work more efficiently with each other without the delay of having to wait for a specific response from a different manager or owner. Services became faster and employees could organize themselves better to provide an improved customer experience.

Overall, there was a 98% adoption rate over the last 18 months, with over 4k messages sent per franchise monthly.

Creating communities of informed and digitized workers

By also implementing Amity Social Cloud, Group chats allowed managers to be part of a community and easily check in with team members regarding attendance, shop tasks, and general updates. Franchise owners could also use Group chats to coordinate with regional managers and share important information.

Finally, this feature made it easy for employees to easily swap shifts with each other, even if working from different stores. This integration benefited the organization from top to bottom, as managers could keep better track of their team members, owners could be more informed to make higher level decisions, and individual employees could communicate easier with people inside or outside their branch.

From piles of paper to digitalized processes, franchises had 100% improvement and visibility in managers being able to oversee individual tasks outside of the store, leading to a total of 95% active users on the company’s platform!

Working towards a unique fast food experience

Having just started growing their in-app community, Subway is looking towards the future to be able to help their employees feel more connected to their work. Other social features provided by Amity Social Cloud such as Bots, Videos, and Feeds will act as the main driving force behind employees’ well-being and their ability to deliver the quality of services that is aligned with Subway’s customer strategy.

The future is social and Amity is looking forward to providing companies such as Subway with all the resources so that employees can feel encouraged to deliver their best work and become active brand supporters!