TISCO Bank improves employee efficiency and satisfaction with Amity Social Cloud

TISCO Bank uses Amity Social Cloud to improve their internal processes and help employees be more productive and informed. By integrating this module, the company is able to motivate workers and move towards a trend-setting future for the financial industry.

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TISCO Bank offers personal banking services in the areas of depository services, cards, bill payments, and ETM services. It is a public company listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

Uncovering the need for better corporate integration

The banking industry has long been criticized for its inefficiency and lack of employee-centric resources. Given this reality, TISCO Bank was looking for a solution that would provide employees with more growth and accessibility opportunities, so they could better perform their roles. Therefore, the ultimate solution would incorporate a digital approach where communication, information, and support is easily attainable. 

Maximizing employee efficiency and satisfaction

TISCO Bank quickly saw this challenge as an opportunity and decided to partner with Amity by integrating Bots into their internal platform.

By integrating this module, the company was able to provide knowledge and resources to employees through an internal management system, onboard new agents, communicate internal announcements, and send updates for new products and services to agents. Because workers had the ability to easily access knowledge and resources, they were able to stay on top of their responsibilites  and resolve any doubts that came up while performing their duties. Teams were also better able to communicate important announcements, making the workforce more engaged and active.

Finally, on a general level, these changes resulted in more satisfaction and fulfillment from workers – they found it easier to manage time consuming tasks, solve incoming issues, and provide quality customer service.

Focusing on internal development for the future of banking

Leveraging Amity to develop their digital capabilities, TISCO Bank already sees high performance on their platform and great satisfaction from employees. Moving forward, other social features will help the company experience more growth and opportunities, especially when dealing with internal processes. Partnering with Amity allows TISCO to reach their goals faster than ever!

At Amity, we make implementing social features a breeze. When you combine the right resources with effective community engagement strategies, you’ll see steady progress towards greater audience involvement and brand advocacy. As we continue to expand, we aim to create more positive digital experiences and communities for our customers and their users, because after all: The future is social!