<cs-number-text>700 million+ messages/month<cs-number-text>

<cs-number-text>Up to 600,000 concurrent connections/stream<cs-number-text>

<cs-number-text>3.85 million active users/month<cs-number-text>

As the number one entertainment platform in Thailand with 27 million monthly active users, TrueID is the preferred destination when it comes to all types of digital content such as movies, TV, news, music, sports, personalized privileges, and commerce. With this expansive catalogue, it comes as no surprise that the TrueID App is the no.1 most downloaded in the category and Thailand’s next Super App contender.

With the grand objective of becoming a super app by making it a user favorite and having people access the platform to add value to their daily lives, TrueID was in need of something that would make their curated content extremely sticky. In a saturated market like the media sector, that meant finding a “glue that holds it all together,” or in this case, a community with engaging content and commerce, thus making it difficult for any rival to compete.

<cs-quote>“Being Thailand’s next Super App contender, we needed something that users would love, something that would draw people in and keep them there on a daily basis.”<cs-quote>

<text-size-regular>– Brian Clark, Chief Product Officer at True Digital Group<text-size-regular>

Live streaming video chat app

<sprscript-green>How it started<sprscript-green>

The long-awaited streaming advantage: Live Chat 

As the only platform streaming the 2018 FIFA World Cup games, TrueID was expecting all-time high traffic and wanted to provide the best possible viewing experience for their users. So what better experience than matching the feeling of watching a live game in a stadium?

They quickly realized that the Live Chat could be a great solution to bump excitement, interaction, and the sense of community that fans wanted all along, but since they were looking for a quick product launch, the technical capabilities were just not there. In other words, there were no in-house systems that could handle over 300,000 concurrent users in so little time. With Amity’s support, the chat was a massive success from day 1. It resulted in over 1 million messages delivered per second, loads more time spent in-app, and millions of users feeling the excitement of having a platform that they could go to every day.

Live chat in a streaming platform with a scannable QR code to participate in livestream chat.

Enabling Live Chats on popular streaming channels

To everyone’s satisfaction, you can find Live Chats inside the majority of the TrueID streaming channels, including TV shows, news, movies, popular Thai drama shows, and sports, as users are free to discuss and send reactions in real-time. Being the exclusive provider of the English Premier League, the football match chats are some of the most engaging ones, as Thai fans are crazy about their teams! Since sports are intrinsically social, this feature took on a greater significance, allowing fans to react, cheer, and build a sense of community around fellow app users.

Promoting greater access through the big screen

To really make sure that viewers could interact in the most engaging way and that there was no shortage of excitement, TrueID went even further and managed to mirror the Live Chat onto the TrueID TV box broadcasts. Viewers can now follow the conversations on the big screen while watching their favorite programs with a unique twist — the ability to join the discussion from their TrueID mobile app through a scannable QR code available on the stream on their big screen.

These kinds of interactions worked to provide the viewers with the opportunity to have real-world experiences, while staying an arms-length away from their TV.

Scan a QR code to start live chat on a streaming channel

<sprscript-green>How it is going<sprscript-green>

From part-time consumption to full-time engagement 

While Live Chat helped boost occasional consumption, TrueID wanted to take things even further to engage users in between events and create in-app interactions that would make users want to come back and stick around for greater excitement. 

<cs-quote>“We’re building social features to accelerate. In everything that we do, it will be the glue that holds it together.”<cs-quote>

<text-size-regular>– Brian Clark, Chief Product Officer at True Digital Group<text-size-regular>

With the help of Amity, TrueID transformed their platform to include social features and to power TrueID Community —  a space inside the App where users can join groups centered around lifestyle and entertainment, make meaningful connections, and discover exciting content without having to rely on any alternative social media platforms. They can browse through posts and interact on personalized feeds, share updates on their own timelines, follow celebrities and community contributors, make new friends or just stay entertained.

In interacting with this platform, users can, as an example, watch content such as videos and live streams from their favorite sports teams, catch up on their favorite anime series, or connect to kindred souls who share these same interests, creating a real community experience. The opportunities are truly endless!

The Live Chat and TrueID Community cross integration allows users to jump to another’s profile right from live streams, making it easier for social features to be adopted. 
UI of an in-app community to watch content such as videos and live streams

<cs-quote>“I think that social trend is only going to get more and more ingrained in every single aspect of our lives. I think every company is going to embrace this social in one shape or another, and you have to have social integrated experience on whatever you offer.”<cs-quote>

<text-size-regular>– Brian Clark, Chief Product Officer at True Digital Group<text-size-regular>

The true super app fuel

Having just started growing their in-app community, the TrueID team already sees a massive improvement in areas such as frequency of use, word of mouth acquisition, engagement, and retention growth.

At the end of the day, the numbers say it all: Up to 3.85 million users utilize social and chat features per month, sending up to 700,000 messages and reactions.
TrueID social features engagement and retention growth

But building an engaged community is just the first step! Social features will ultimately act as the glue between TrueID’s content, partners, and commerce, providing countless monetization opportunities. Amity is happy to be working with True to grow their community further, developing live video integrations, and opening the door for a new generation of media and streaming that differentiates themselves by providing real, user-generated content.

<cs-quote>“We couldn’t be any happier with our partnership with Amity. They have helped us on so many levels and I can’t wait to see what we have in store next.”<cs-quote>

<text-size-regular>– Brian Clark, Chief Product Officer at True Digital Group<text-size-regular>