Kasikorn Bank improves their user experience and creates simpler processes for employees with Amity Solutions

Kasikorn Bank uses Amity Solutions to make it easier for customers to use their communication channels and to help employees be more engaged and productive. By integrating this module, the company is able to redefine the financial experience and move towards a trend-setting future.

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Kasikorn Bank, often referred to as KBank and formerly known as Thai Farmers Bank, was established at the end of World War II on 8 June 1945 by Mr. Choti Lamsam. The organization has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 1976.

Discovering the necessity for improved financial services 

The banking and finance industry has long been criticized for its inefficiency in regards to customer and employee services. Given this challenge, Kasikorn Bank was searching for a solution that would help customers manage their finances more efficiently, while also offering and providing employees with more growth and accessibility opportunities. Therefore, the ultimate solution would incorporate a digital approach where information and support is simply attainable.

Linking customers with accurate information

KBank quickly considered this challenge as an opportunity and decided to partner with Amity Solutions by integrating Bots into their communication channels. For their two customer-facing channels, the company used Bots to advertise campaigns and promotions to customers, transition from segment to custom services, perform transactions and sending alerts, register products, and connect customers to call center.

With these implementations, the company allowed customers to quickly solve their issues and benefit from a stable support network. Most importantly, customers could better manage their finances and build their confidence while saving time generally spent on the platform.

Enhancing internal efficiency and contentment

Kbank also took advantage of the partnership with Amity Solutions by integrating Bots into their employee-centric channel. The company used this feature to manage and maximize their internal knowledge, build management through the Chatbot, and deliver internal announcements. Overall, these changes resulted in more engagement and satisfaction from workers, as they found it easier to connect to each other, find important information, and manage other teams. 

Laying the groundwork for an enhanced financial experience

Having just started developing their digital capabilities, Kbank is looking towards the future to be able to help customers and employees get the most out of their experience.

Moving forward, other social features provided by Amity Social Cloud such as Videos, Feeds, and Groups will act as the main driving force behind Kbank’s business strategy.

The future is social and Amity is looking forward to providing companies such as Kasikorn Bank with all the resources so that customers and employees can feel encouraged to become active brand supporters!